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Elaine Guzman

Elaine Guzman is an artist in many mediums. She paints in pastels and water colors. Her leather work is also very Beautiful. But one of the most unique ways that she creates is with etching on glass bottles and wooden boxes. She creates wonderful Dream Boxes and Lighted Bottles with many unique designs. These are all hand crafted and every one she does is different.

As a creative person, she attracts creative people as well. Her long time friends create dreamcatchers in the fanciest designs, or oils for love, money, or protection. Her own aura is filled with positive energy, that makes it a delight to know her.

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One of the "Beautiful People"

Growing up in the 60's and 70's there is alot of the Hippie left in her. In the store, you will find that there is magic in the air. She prints tee-shirts, creates jewelry, and has macreme and driftwood items that she makes. The store also has several interesting items such as jewelry made from disarmed nuclear weapons, Oils, Crystals, Incense, and many other special items.

Celebrating all Cultures

At Cheerful Dreams we have Spiritual Items of all kinds including Hindu, Tibeten, Christian and Wicca. We have many metaphysical and magickal items. Herbs, Crystals, Wands and Oils. We have aroma therapy, sound therapy, and mental therapy products. Drop in and feel the warmth, experience the feelings.